I heart eco street art.

Graffiti art crimes are an inherent part of the urban jungle, each piece teetering on the wall of appreciation. Lately a form of street art is emerging that tips the scales towards applause and accolades.
Enter, ‘eco-street art.’
In a general sense, it is art that uses nature as a template, painting with various natural elements or enhancing awareness to the overlooked nature within the city. As this genre of art proliferates, I hope it will shine a spotlight on environmental issues and change the way we view our surroundings- possibly tightening our relationship with the natural world. Or at the very least, ignite a sense of wonder as we pass through our busy day.

Think outside the box. – An art project by Sean Martindale.
I love this piece of eco-art, it’s a great metaphor for our environment. ‘We can make things better, let the green ideas flow.’

‘Cheerleader’ By- Sandrine Estrade Boulet

An eco street art project created for the social networking movement, ‘Green Drinks’ and hosted by the ‘Eco Store’ in New Zealand.

Ivy league eco-street art hits Toronto. “Tara” by Dan Bergeron aka Fauxreel.

Spotted on the streets of London – by artist Slinkachu

‘Trees are people too.’ by Filthy Luker

Toronotist artists Sean Martindale and Eric Cheung convert torn advertising posters on the street into street planters.


208 thoughts on “I heart eco street art.

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  3. Particularly love the grass overflow at the foot of tree. For me there’s something extra about one that doesn’t involve the human figure – thanks for sharing these, great stuff

  4. These made me smile. I’m an artist living in Norway. I’m working on a large installation for 2013 using trash from the coastlines, focussing on ocean pollution. I’m going to follow your blog and look forward to being inspired. Glad you were Fresh Pressed. Congratulations!

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  7. Some of these are really imaginative, and some must take a long time to do. I hope they last well so lots of people can enjoy them. Eco-street art is a good name but street gardening is also possible if these plants are growing.

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  9. wow these are so cool! I wish we had stuff like this in Vancouver. As it is, our street art/graffiti here is not exactly the best, especially since Jerm IX moved to Toronto!

  10. This is beautiful. Is that actually moss growing in the wall on the “F” line. That’s fabulous. Actually all of these are fabulous. Kudos to the artists. I hope it catches on.

  11. Some of my high school students have tried their own version of this. I’ll have to show them these examples. Thanks for sharing!


  12. This is amazing and I am so glad you shared. I am inspired to keep my own eyes peeled for eco art opportunities! Wickedly amazing!

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  14. Very imaginative. These works remind me of the Arby’s in Colonial Heights, Va. They have cattle, a cowboy on a horse, etc. that are actually living statues.

  15. I’ve never seen such creative and environmentally- motivated work of art in my life. Whoah! Breath of fresh air! Thank you so much for sharing this to us! 😀

  16. I too enjoy the mix of nature and art. I am content to see big sculpture in green natural settings, and don’t care whether the “art” itself is made of grass or other eco materials. I like the idea that the eco art is alive & changing as it grows.

  17. Great Post.
    Would you mind if i ” Re Post ” with another perspective (Scientist Theme )?. I will appear this Sites on my Blog. Thank You.

  18. Very beautiful and such a caring thing to do. It’s showing that people do care for the environment. I’ve seen the pre-last one on Facebook but never spotted the others. Thanks for this.

  19. Amazing! I would like to see this everywhere. Once I made a figure with some rocks on the street and people looked at me like a freak. This pics make me feel like I want to do it again!

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  23. Live plants add natural beauty. Plants need water to live, clean water. Not only plants. Water sources are increasingly under threat. Recently water is poisoned with shale gas extraction. This is happening on a large scale in the U.S.. And now begins in my country – Poland. In Poland are beautiful rivers and lakes, but will be poisoned. For the wicked profit. Necessarily see the movie “Gasland”.

  24. Wow, I love this. I recently found a piece of Eco Stree art, where I live in Tallinn, Estonia, so it really is sort of a ‘movement’…. nice 🙂

  25. I only got the chance to see one of this street eco art display on Bilbao (Spain), love all the ones you showed here!

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  27. what a pictureeeeeeeee
    i like it..
    love it
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  28. Very cool! I saw a few new ones that I have never seen before! The second last one you have is from a Toronto artist named “Fauxreel.” He’s done some great stuff. You can see his site here: fauxreel.ca

  29. Wowwwwww!! It´s amazing the response to the post!! I have an eco blog my self and I would love to post this. Do you want to make a post contribution like for me? or it is ok for you if I just put yours as the source of information? let me know, please! I leave you my email (alternaverde@gmail.com) if you want to write me back… i write you from Argentina, Sudamérica. 🙂

  30. A wonderful collection of some really creative work. This is quite an interesting trend and while I’ve seen some of these before, I never thought to categorize them as eco street art. Clever idea!

  31. Wowsers! Thanks for sharing this…amazing stuff. Absolutely loved the ‘thinking outside the box’ concept and that funky snail! Brilliant…

  32. This is just the kind of stuff I see that just makes my day.
    That cheerleader with grass pom poms made me giggle.

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  34. They are all fantastic – especially, I love the Slinkachu-snail! may it enjoy it’s tagged little house for years and not become victim of art collectors or some ignorant foot. ^^

  35. This is really nice. To suddenly go from country to city 3 months ago it struck me how much green was missing! Would love to see more of this around London.

  36. John the Snail, we meet again! Ha, just kidding but that snail was too cute! Its amazing how innovative artists can be, integrating art and nature like that. Makes that saying “the world is my canvas” all the more true. I’d like to see how artists would improvise eco-art in more arid climates like…Clyde the Cactus!

  37. I love this art movement. I’ve only seen one example of it before this but I am definitely going to learn more about it. My parents are really into gardening so I grew up with vegetable gardens, herb gardens and rain barrels.

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