Breathing Billboards

Like most Angelenos, artist Stephen Glassman spends too much time stuck in traffic.

Choked with smog and surrounded by concrete, steel, and advertising, the experience of driving in LA can feel like the ultimate disconnect from other humans and the environment.

Urban Air seeks to subvert that daily alienation — one billboard at a time.  The idea is pretty simple: Take disused billboards, remove the commercial facade, and install a living, breathing cloud forest of bamboo. This will be part aerial garden, part public art project, but it is also a quiet call to action and awareness about climate change.

Glassman has created a Kickstarter page and is currently raising funds to implement the pilot forest above an LA freeway.  If the campaign is successful, Urban Air will be the first intelligently engineered, wifi monitored, green billboard, ever. Future plans include creating a “kit” that would enable any standard billboard to be easily transformed to a green, urban forest. The long term vision is to nurture a takeover of old billboards around the world.

To help make this vision a reality – Check out their kickstarter page.




Urban Air | Stephen Glassman


Click here for a video introduction of the project.


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