A Fish Out of Water – The Yodogawa Technique

Reminiscent of the works by Tom Deininger, the Japanese art group, Yodogawa Technique create impressive sculptural pieces using miscellaneous found objects within the area. Traveling beyond their home base of Yodogawa in Osakathe, the artists move into various communities in search of materials for their upcycled, somewhat guerrilla style art.
Discarded tires, random pieces of plastic, broken bottles, mangled wires, old toys, basically all manner of garbage is the goal. Once collected, they go to work assembling their vision into reality by utilizing only what they find on site.
Their volunteer efforts win them attention and accolades with the locals as they transform what used to be an environmental eyesore, into an impressive piece of art.
This method of community clean up instantly makes use of the garbage on site. Instead of moving trash into plastic bags and then hauling it to a landfill, they are utilizing skill and imagination to condense large littered areas into poignant visual treasure. While some pieces are featured in galleries, many are showcased within the environment.


”Chinu, Uno”, 2010, garbage based sculpture

”Gin Chinu”, 2009, garbage based sculpture


”Chinu, Hamburg”, 2009, garbage based sculpture


”Chinu, Hamburg”, 2009,working process


”Yogyakarta’s arowana”, 2008,working process1


”Yogyakarta’s arowana”, 2008,working process2


”Yogyakarta’s arowana”, 2008,working process3


”Yogyakarta’s arowana”, 2008, performance view


”Yogyakarta’s arowana”, 2008, installation view


”Chinu, Osaka Bay”, 2007, garbage based sculpture


”Nakdong Chinu”, 2006, garbage based sculpture


”Tama”, 2003, garbage based sculpture


”White rooster”, 2011, garbage based sculpture


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