Connectivity – A College Landscape

The quadrangle of any college is typically the epicenter of social engagement and communal activities; it serves as multi-purpose platform for all manner of collegiate gatherings. Take a visual trip to Trinity College in Canada and you will be captivated by a truly alluring quad landscape. Designers from gh3 in Toronto transformed the campus courtyard with a rather simple but universally engaging symbol of connectivity.

The iconic symbol of ‘Chi’ served as the creative jumping board for the team. Chi is believed to be the fundamental life force that flows through all things. It is frequently translated as “life energy,” “life force,” or “energy flow.” Inspired by this principle, the designers created a flowing pattern to superimpose over the central lawn, offering a visually embellished, yet grounded space. Students can ‘go with the flow’ as they move along the stamped path and connect with one another.

Staying aligned with the firms approach to sustainability, the designers made sure to consider the existing trees when renewing the space. A vertical fertilization plan was assembled to help aerate the tree roots and a structural geo-textile was installed under the span of the lower Quad to prevent re-compaction.

‘Our work is visually engaging, with the underlying philosophy that the best way of encouraging sustainable thinking is to bond people to their environments through deep understanding, and by making good design an indispensable part of everyday life.’ – gh3 design






Photo credit: open source

“We design with the intention that our projects will last for centuries, and the pragmatic awareness of the importance of ease of maintenance, durable details, and good value for investment.” -gh3


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